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Paying attention to local realities

  • We design transformation roadmaps based on an analysis of the "as-is".

  • We use listening methods rooted in sociology to understand the business context, the issues at stake, the commitment drivers… and to identify actionable levers.

  • We design hybrid tools/methods, by making the most of digital enablers. We implement Test & Learn logics before a scale deployment.

Adopting a systemic vision

  • We approach changes with a systemic vision to ensure their overall coherence. Through this 360° vision, we take into account various factors (CSR/ESG, customers, business lines, organization, culture, management, IT, social...).

  • We build feasible implementation paths to achieve business results, through a balanced compromise between financial, economic, operational constraints, managerial sustainability, and social acceptability.

  • We can play an integrator's role, mobilizing key partners which complement our functional and/or sectoral expertise. 

Co-designing changes

  • We involve internal / external stakeholders in the transformation so that each individual feels like the "owner" of the project, understands why and how to change, and feels accountable in its implementation.

  • We are able to mobilize large populations in the early/late stages of a transformation to accelerate the transition phase.

  • We build on the strengths of collective intelligence and digital platforms to co-design new solutions with large groups of people in a short timeframe. 

Transferring skills and energy

  • We work in direct contact with the teams, ensuring that they come out of projects more skilled and confident.  

  • We use micro-learning and gamification to facilitate learning curves, using games as enablers of behavioural change and commitment. 

  • We help leverage project leaders' energy. 

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