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IDOYA in a few words

IDOYA is a multi-generational, passionate and united team for which "team life" is key. United by the same entrepreneurial ambition, and convinced that it is by leading transformations in an inclusive way that tangible and sustainable results can be achieved, the team can cover all the human aspects of a transformation. 

A team of experienced and passionate consultants:


With extensive experience in consulting firms specialized in strategy, transformation, HR and organization consulting


From several generations, with different sensitivities and united around one common strive for excellence  


With complementary experiences and expertise: #sociology, #continuous improvement, #leadership development, #green, #social dialogue, #HR roadmaps…


Who also work in an inclusive way with partners recognized in their expertise

Our CSR commitments

IDOYA is "entreprise à mission" (a mission-driven company) since its creation: through their entrepreneurial project, their day-to-day management and their clients' projects, the co-founders are guided by the desire to have a positive impact and to enable all those who join the team to have an impact.


Certified B Corp since February 2024, the entire team contributes to the implementation of an ambitious governance and action plan to achieve our commitments and obtain the B Corp certification. Among one of the most demanding certifications in the world, this label evaluates the social, societal and environmental impact of a company in terms of transparency, sustainability and responsibility. The certification process is based on an evaluation grid that covers five areas: governance, employees, communities, environment and customers. To find out more, go to page 44 of our mission report available here.

How do we put our commitments into practice?

A few examples

  • We have developed an impact-oriented business model to support managers and their teams in their transformation towards a desirable, sustainable future. We set ourselves an annual target for the percentage of business generated by impact-oriented projects (see page 26-29 of our mission statement).

  • We seek to innovate and promote inclusive methods of transformation with our clients, to ensure greater sustainability, efficiency, empowerment and mobilization. The projects we support are evaluated according to an inclusiveness index between 1 and 12, and criteria of representativeness, depth, weight and transparency (see pages 35-39 of our mission report).

  • Internally, we implement management methods that encourage innovation and individual development, with reduced environmental impact. Here are a few examples:

  • Annual carbon assessment (scope 1, 2 and 3) and targets for offsetting 100% of our emissions and reducing emissions by 2.5% per employee by 2023 (taking into account changes in our turnover)

  • Team training/awareness-raising initiatives (e.g. participation in a Diversity Fresco workshop

  • Contribution to the 2022 guide on the 10 CSR fundamentals produced by Vendredi in collaboration with 8 companies, to share our best tips and testimonials for a successful CSR policy

  • Implementation of a profit-sharing agreement that includes CSR criteria

  • Application of a supplier policy which gives preference to local suppliers, with certifications linked to environmental and/or social performance

  • Continuous improvement of CSR in all our functions (HR, finance, environment, etc.) via a "task force" mode

IDOYA in pictures

Discover a few testimonies
of our team members


Discover the testimony of one of our freelance partner

"It is always a pleasure to work with IDOYA consultants. Their relevant, inclusive and engaging method brings a lot of value to our clients. I really like the quality of their work, the approaches they use to support transformations that are co-constructed with the ecosystem, and the fact that we are a team from the very first meeting, both internally and with the client."

Mandy, freelance partner


IDOYA's co-founders

Sophie Blanchet.jpg

Sophie Blanchette

Managing Partner


Elodie Soubigou

Managing Partner


Michael Dupuis

Managing Partner

IMG_2463 (4)_edited.jpg

Fanny Corman

Managing Partner

Photo PH_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Managing Partner


Marthe Cadart

Managing Partner

The board of directors is composed of IDOYA's 6 co-founding partners.

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