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Our training program

IDOYA offers customized training, mainly on the following topics :

  • Change management

  • Management practices, especially in a transformation context


The target audiences are :

  • Transformation program managers or project managers

  • Change management managers and their teams

  • Project leaders, managers

  • The Steering Committee 

  • HR actors


These trainings are tailor-made, delivered within the company, on demand.


The methods used are developed jointly with our clients, according to their needs: bootcamps, peer-to-peer mentoring / co-development, practical case studies, role-playing, gamification, etc. A detailed training program is formalized for each project: it is designed and validated with the client.


Under the responsibility of IDOYA's disability advisor, disability issues are taken into account at all stages of the operations delivered by IDOYA: at the time of registration and application, to ensure that the training program is adapted (in terms of content and form) to the candidate's disability during the course of the training to implement appropriate adaptation or compensation methods in coordination with the client.

Contacts :

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